about me

 started my fitness journey while in university - I struggled with stacking extracurricular responsibilities on top of demanding courseloads. Being a perfectionist, I put myself under immense pressure to overachieve. I started to neglect my physical and mental health, barely sleeping or eating so I would have more time for schoolwork... this compounded and my anxiety disorder became debilitating. For the first time, in January 2013, I allowed myself to take time away from school to regain my health.

This is when I discovered fitness, and I've never looked back. •

my goal

is to empower other women to become body- and self-confident, and to live a balanced, healthy lifestyle. I share my personal journey online on Instagram and YouTube, hoping to inspire & give back by sharing my knowledge.

education & experience

I graduated with my Bachelor's of Science in 2015 from Dalhousie University. I began my undergraduate degree in Microbiology & Biochemistry and switched to a Bachelor's of Engineering (Mechanical) in my third year, earning a 4.0 GPA. After time off, I decided to finish my science degree in Biochemistry & Molecular Biology. Through Biochemistry I learned Human Metabolism, Nutrition, and Anatomy. I learned how to understand the scientific method and to properly read/interpret published science. Engineering taught me to analyze mechanical systems, which gave me the fundamental knowledge for Human Kinetics (Kinesiology) and Biomechanics. I have studied Human Nutrition, Exercise Science and Strength & Conditioning through textbooks (NSCA-CSCS), published scientific articles and trusted online authors.

I have practical experience through training and coaching: I've coached top-level natural bikini & figure competitors to the stage as well as USAPL nationally-qualified powerlifters to the platform. I earned the silver medal at Canadian Powerlifting Nationals 2015 (IPF sanctioned, 47 kg).

my glute hypertrophy program

A full-body program with emphasis on building the glutes and a secondary focus on hamstrings and delts. It's a tried-and-true program used by thousands of people all over the world that is proven to show excellent results.